Who are you going to call, Ghost Busters?

August 18, 2016

This is the summer after all, so perhaps some levity is needed. Everyone has their specialty in terms of what they know and what they do. Our specialty is people: people strategies, people processes, people policies, people structure, engaging people, developing people, finding the right people and yes, even handling people problems. The Mackenzie Consulting Group business focus is helping organizations with their people challenges from developing long-term people strategy to providing virtual or onsite human resources operational services, and everything in between. We focus on the Life Science industry because we have all spent much of our careers in those sub industries and understand those business needs.

Dissimilarity to Ghost Busters

  • We don’t have a theme song yet. But if anyone wants to write one for us we are happy to listen. No plans for a music video on the website either unless you tell us that is what you as a client really want to see.
  • We have current and past clients in various locations across the USA and Canada, but none based in New York City where apparently all the paranormal activity is centered.
  • We don’t wear hazard suits when we meet with clients, but usually show up in business attire. No proton packs either, even with the business suits.
  • We are not professional comedians but we do have a great sense of humor! While we have gravitas, we are not stuffy.
  • And lastly we don’t have Chris Hemsworth supporting us, which is really a shame.

Similarity to Ghost Busters

  • We are sometimes brought in to figure out what are the underlying issues. So we look into employee disengagement, higher turnover than desired, difficulty filling positions, unhappiness with the performance management or compensation systems, teams that need a reboot.
  • We have been asked to intervene when the early symptoms have become acute problems or when the proverbial sh** is about to hit the fan.
  • People try to handle the issues themselves internally before they realize they need some outside expertise.
  • Organization cultures sometimes take on a life of their own (like paranormal activity) but need an intervention to be renewed and refocused.
  • We are a b team of smart female advisors and associates who will do whatever it takes to help an organization meet their goals. (Guys, we are open to have men join the team as long as you are equally wonderful!)

Hope this brought a smile to your face. Now at least you know who to call!

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